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Beyond Dubli's Advertisements

Dubli operates in the e-commerce MLM niche, with the business claiming to have a corporate headquarters workplace in Cyprus.

An address in the US state of Florida is offered on Dubli's website, probably to plant the seed that the company has an US presence. Further research however discloses that this is simply virtual office space offered by Regus (beginning at $109 a month).

I did see a Michael Hansen pegged to a few MLM chances but, due to language-barriers, am not sure if it is the same individual. In any event, Hansen went on to introduce Dubli in 2003 and has been running the company since.

As for Dubli, I initially wrote about them all the way back in 2010-- when the company was mostly focused on online cent auctions.

BehindMLM reviews were a bit different at that time, so you'll need to excuse the deviation from the standard most of you are utilized to today.

I never navigated to appropriately reviewing Dubli's payment plan then, as momentum for the company petered out soon after the initial buzz.

As I remember though, the standard gist of it focused on the selling of "Dubli Credits", which were then used in the business's auctions.

Over the next four years Dubli persisted with their model, sometimes fluttering in and out of the MLM industry's consciousness.

During this time the business underwent more than a few relaunches in an effort to obtain their auction company off the ground, however it had not been until 2012 that things began to remove.

The Dubli Line of product

Dubli possesses an e-commerce platform, which provides access to third-party affiliate deals.

The business offers totally free customer access to the platform, with customers able to get a "cashback" on purchases made.

In addition to free client subscription, 2 paid subscriptions exist providing a greater portion cashback:

Premium ($4.95 a month)-- routine cashback + 4 %.
VIP ($99 yearly)-- regular cashback + 6 %.
The Dubli Network Payment Strategy.
The Dubli payment plan pays out on the shopping activities of customers and recruitment efforts of affiliates.

Dubli Affiliate Subscription Ranks.

There are six affiliate membership ranks within the Dubli settlement plan.

In addition to their particular qualification requirements, they are as follows:.

Team Member-- beginning affiliate rank.
Group Leader-- recruit and preserve at least three affiliates or pay between $2475 to $12,000.
Group Planner-- recruit and keep a minimum of 3 Group Leader ranked affiliates.
Sales Director-- recruit and preserve a minimum of 3 Group Organizer ranked affiliates.
Vice President-- hire and keep a minimum of five Sales Director ranked affiliate legs.
Senior Vice President-- recruit and maintain a minimum of five Vice President ranked affiliate legs.

Dubli Review-- How Does It Work?

When Dubli first came into the North American market, it struggled to grab attention. However, it has actually just recently invited leading leaders from the internet and internet marketing world to join them to introduce this business in the UNITED STATE.

The new business design now is based upon the multi-billion dollar online shopping market. Once you are a customer of Dubli, you can download a free toolbar that allows you to go onto the web and search on Google for things you wish to purchase.

The toolbar will let you know just how much cashback you can get if you choose to purchase on that certain website.

As an example, you can get cashback deals on retailers like Finest Buy, Target, Walmart, Apple, Sony and much far more.

Dubli Review-- Is This A Fraud?

I have no idea if Dubli Network repaired their problem of paying their members/customers yet ... however as of this Dubli review, I haven't seen much of a modification. There has been a great deal of grievances about this company specifically early on and I can not inform right now if this company got it's act together ...

If you simply desire "Cashback" when you buy, there are tons of "FREE" services like Ebates who have a terrific track record on in fact paying their clients. As of today, I do not suggest joining this company. I would wait it out to see if they got their act together. The sad part is, a few of the members who got duped are my real close friends.